Certified Used Cars

In the past, consumers have typically been wary of purchasing a used car. Manufacturers and dealers have worked together to assure customers that the used cars being sold by the dealer were quality vehicles. They accomplished this by creating standards for certified used cars. Now, customers can be certain that the certified used cars have been inspected and meet the quality standards.

Prospective customers looking for a new car may want to consider a certified used car. Many people find that quality used cars better suit their needs and their budgets. Car insurance may also be cheaper for the used car than for a new car. Another disadvantage of new cars is that they quickly depreciate up to forty percent in value. This is not the case with a used car.

Benefits of buying a certified used cars:

  • Inspected and repaired to meet certification requirements
  • Warranty with factory-certified used cars
  • Retain their value better than a new car
  • More affordable than new cars

Factory-certified vs. Dealer-certified Used Cars

Certified used cars are either factory-certified or dealer-certified. Customers who are considering the purchase of a certified used car may want to check if the car is factory or dealer-certified. Dealers have their own criteria for inspecting, repairing, and certifying a used car. A dealer-certified used car may not meet the standards set by factory-certified used cars.

Manufacturers typically have stricter requirements for a car to become a factory-certified used car. For the used cars that meet those criteria, the manufacturer usually provides a free factory warranty. The warranty provides similar coverage as new car warranties. Some dealers offer warranties for their dealer-certified cars, but a fee may be required to purchase the warranty.

The Cost of Certified Used Cars

It’s not uncommon for a dealer to add two to eight percent to the price of the used car for the car to become a certified used car. The costs of certification can be justified by the multi-point inspection and repairs that have been performed for the car to meet certification requirements. The dealer is offering the customer peace of mind in knowing that the used car is a quality used car and necessary repairs have been made.

Many customers prefer to pay a little extra to buy a certified used car rather than a riskier purchase of a used car that isn’t certified. The uncertified used car may not have been inspected. Any repairs done to the uncertified used car may be limited to what can be seen by customers. In contrast, certified used cars receive repairs and maintenance such as the replacement of brake pads if less than sixty percent of the life was left to the brake pads.

A certified used car offers a viable alternative to an expensive new car. Certified used cars provide consumers with a balance of value and quality. The customer can be assured that the used car, especially if covered by a warranty, is likely to meet their vehicle needs at a fraction of the cost of a new car.

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