When should tires be replaced?

Today, I’m going to help you answer a question about tires! Do you need to buy new tires? Unfortunately, you can’t just go to a tire store and ask… Of course, the tire shop will tell you that you need new tires. Throughout this blog post on B2 Motorsports, I’m going to walk you through checking tires for yourself. 

First, you need a shiny new penny. After getting your penny, put Lincoln’s head in the tire tread. If Lincoln’s head is well covered, then the tire tread is deep. If the top of Lincoln’s head was showing, then it’s time to get new tires. When checking the tread on your tires, check the entire tire! If some section of the tire isn’t sufficiently deep, then the tire needs to be replaced. Additionally, you should ensure the tires are wearing out evenly across the car. With a set of four tires, the tires should be in the same condition. 

After checking the tread depth on your tires, you need to check for cracks in the tire. If tires are 10 years old, then cracks may be spread around the edges of the tires. When tires get old and crack, they are much more dangerous. On my Nissan GTR, I’ve left an old tire on the front left of the vehicle. With the Nissan GTR, I only drive about 900 miles a year within the city. However, if I was taking a trip to Sarasota FL, then I’d buy a new tire. Regardless of the age, worn tires are more likely to blow out on the highway from being cracked. Anyway, replace your cracked car tires!

We’ve covered the basics about tire condition. Now, we are going to discuss tire brands. As a general rule of thumb, I shop at a discount tire store. However, I’ll never buy the cheapest tires since they are often Chinese made. In China, they tend to produce unreliable tires with cheap products. I’ve used Chinese tires for a bit, and the experience wasn’t fun. After one week, the tire had a hole from a construction nail. Chinese nails are easily punctured, and other tires aren’t much more expensive. If you’re just driving around the city, then a mid-level tire will be sufficient. If you’re looking for a high-quality tire, then we recommend Michellan Tires!

What tires are best for performance? Well, performance tires are meant for performance cars! Typically, you’d like tires to be stickier, have more grip, and handle higher speeds. If you’ll be driving at speeds over 100 miles per hour, then you’d prefer a higher rated tire. Although tires are important, car detailing is important too… especially in Los Angeles, CA!